Wild Grapevine Wreath - $275



Wild Grapevine Wreath - $275

OUTSTANDING original copper metal wall sculpture, will look stunning either indoors or outdoors in a winery, bar area, dining room, anywhere. This is a NEW 2005 design that comes in either a Wild Grape or Napa Valley Grape design.

The wreath measures 28" diameter and projects approximately 3" from the wall. It hangs easily with 1 nail indoors. If you desire to display it outdoors, it should be secured in at least 3 points to a wall. Since it is clear coated, it is safe to display outside. Outdoors, it should develop a nice patina over the years.

Because the grape leaves, grape clusters and leaf stems are made from PURE COPPER sheet and COPPER wire, both the leaves and stems may be bent and arranged to suit the individual taste of the owner. Also, if any of the sculpture becomes accidentally become bent, it can be easily straightened.

In all, over 700 steps, including approximately 350 individual welds go into making a Grapevine Wreath. Leaves are hand embossed and individually cut from sheet copper with a torch, hand welded to stems and then to the wreath framework. Tendrils are hand formed and grape clusters are also hand hammered. No paint is used in this process-the coloring is from torch heat, polishing and clear coating.

Feel free to contact me to order a specific style or to ask any questions about the wreaths. Comes shipped in a custom box.